måndag 12 november 2012


I have a big love for Techno, and especially the deeeper sounds of techno, deep and atmospheric like this EP from Deepchord. 

The inspirational Rod Modell aka Deepchord follows up Sommer, his second album on Soma, with two exclusive tracks perfectly laid down in only the way he can, giving us 'Tonality of Night'. Both tracks clock in over the 10 minute mark as Deepchord takes us on yet another journey through the unfathomable depths of his unmistakable production. 

Spiral 1 floats in gently as deep subs and kicks punch through the delicate ambiance Deepchord creates. Perfectly laid chords echo atop a gentle plain of dream like synth work, the track constantly punctuated with the lightest on percussion, always enough to keep the track moving in the right direction. Deepchord strives to create an ebb and flow, taking the listener with him on a journey and this opening track does so with total precision. 

Spiral 2 opens with much more ethereal tones eventually hitting with a deep kick designed to bring you back to Earth with a bang. High hats flutter, allowing your descent into the track to seem almost like falling into a deep sleep. The track then opens gradually, percussion pulsing at the right moments as the vibe created by his soundscapes washes over you. Not much out there is made with such soul and passion and with every listen to Deepchords music, you gain a sense of his mood whilst being able to get lost in whatever or wherever you may be… 

Release date: Nov 19, 2012 

One thing that is different with music from this label of SOMA is that you can pre-order their music on VINYL....lovely. If you are an Vinyl DJ, buy this release HERE 

Soma Records @ FACEBOOK 




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